CS155: Computer and Network Security

Computer and Network Security

Spring 2021

The course covers principles of building secure systems. Many hands-on examples during the course will show how things go wrong when these principles are not followed.


Course syllabus (and readings)
Course overview (grading, textbooks, coursework, exams)
Lectures: Tuesday, Thursday, 2:30-3:50, via Zoom on Canvas
If you are not yet signed up for the course, please email cs155ta@cs for a Zoom link.
Sections: Friday, 3:30pm, via Zoom on Canvas
CA mailing list: cs155ta@cs

Course announcements will be made via Ed Discussions. All non-sensitive questions/concerns should be asked through that dicussion board. Regrade requests should be made through Gradescope. Sensitive questions and OAE letters should be sent to the CA mailing list.


All homework submission is to be done via Gradescope. Please use course code 74KRZP to sign up. Note that Gradescope requires that the solution to every problem start on a new page.

Homework #1:   html
Due: Thursday, Apr. 22, 11:59pm
Homework #2:   html
Due: June 1, 11:59pm


Project #1:   Control hijacking.
Due: Part 1: Thursday, April 8.    Part 2: Thursday, April 15.
Project #2:   Web security.
Due: Part 1: Thursday, Apr 29.     Part 2: Thursday, May 6.
Project #3:   Networking.
Due: Parts 1-3: May 18.     Part 4: May 25.

Course Calendar