CS155: Computer and Network Security

Computer and Network Security

Spring 2019

The course covers principles of building secure systems. We give many examples of how things can go wrong if these principles are not followed.


Course syllabus (and readings)
Course overview (grading, textbooks, coursework, exams)
Lectures: Tuesday, Thursday, 1:30-2:50, Nvidia Aud.
Sections: Friday, 3:30pm, Gates B01.
CA mailing list: cs155ta@cs

Final Exam

Students may take the final at either one of the following two dates:

  • Option 1: (scheduled)   Fri., 6/7,  12:15-2:15pm. Hewlett 200.
  • Option 2: (alternate)   Sat., 6/8,  12:15-2:15pm. 320-105 and Hewlett 201

Students taking the alternate exam should go to 320-105 if their last name begins with A-L and to Hewlett 201 if it begins with M-Z.

For remote SCPD students taking the exam remotely: Please email the TAs with your email address, the email address of your SCPD monitor, and which day and time (PST) you would like to take the exam. We will email your monitor a PDF which they can print and send back to us after you've completed the exam. Hold on to your exam until you receive confirmation that your completed exam PDF has been received. Note that if you are local to the bay area, we strongly prefer you come to one of the two exam slots -- send the TAs an email if you plan to take the exam on campus.

For students with OAE accomodations: Please email your OAE letters to the TAs by Wednesday, May 22nd so that we can reserve enough rooms to accomodate you.

Previous final exams: 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010.


All homework submission is to be done via Gradescope. Please use course code 922REV to sign up. Note that Gradescope requires that the solution to every problem start on a new page.

Homework #1:   html
Due: Thursday, Apr. 25, 11:59pm
Homework #2:   html
Due: Thursday, May 23, 11:59pm


Project #1:   Control hijacking.
Due: Part 1: Thursday, April 11.    Part 2: Thursday, April 18.
Project #2:   Web security.
Due: Part 1: Thursday, May 9.     Part 2: Thursday, May 16.
Project #3:   Networking
  • pdf
  • VM box   (md5: 644c9ced488b59b9cf602aed7590672c)
Due: Wednesday, June 5. (at most one late day allowed)

Course Calendar